Q: Why do you insist on using a Facebook or Google+ account for logging to your comment system?


Using a Facebook/Google+ login is not mandatory to post a comment on our site. Simply type in your desired text and click on the ‘Submit’ button. Your comment should show up as soon as it has passed through our moderation system.

Alternatively, if you don’t have either Facebook or Google+ account and/or you are concerned about your privacy, you can create a blank account to use.

Facebook/Google+ integration has been implemented into our site to make it easy for you to enjoy the additional features a dedicated login system can provide, such as one-click login, without us having to store any of your identifiable information on our end.

Q: Do you sell phones or tablets?


A resounding NO. GSMArena.com has as its primary task to provide detailed and accurate information about mobile phones and their features. While browsing GSMArena.com, you may come across links to online stores that sell phones and other electronics, but those are external entities and GSMArena.com is not affiliated with them. GSMArena.comĀ DOES NOTsell phones or anything else and we do not endorse any particular store.

Q: Can I send you my phone for repairs or upgrades?


No, we do not upgrade or repair phones/tablets. We merely provide information about mobile phones.